Fortune Fisheries has taken a plunge into this business after forecasting the tremendous growth opportunity in aquaculture. Started as a proprietary concern by the Promoter Shri. Rajesh Tarachand Bansod in 2016 as a Fish Trading Company, it grew itself successfully and became as one of the most prominent players in the business of ‘Cage Culture’ in Central India.

Fortune Fisheries in its early days started working as a Consultant firm for Corporative Fish-farming Societies and the government fishery department in Vidarbha Region. With the experience gathered while working with the fisherman community, government authorities, fish breeders, and wholesale traders, Fortune Fisheries ventured into the business of aquaculture. In no time Fortune Fisheries procured lease and control over freshwater bodies in Vidarbha Region by getting into various agreements and MOU’s with the Government of Maharashtra, Department of Fisheries and Corporative Fish-farming Societies.


Our Resources

We have lease and control of over 10,000+ hectare of water spread area in 4 strategically located reservoirs in Central India and 96 other water bodies each measuring between 2 – 7 hectare of water spread area. In addition to this, we have a state-of-the-art hatchery spread across 37 acres located near Itiadoh reservoir, Gondia district, Maharashtra which is just 160 kilometers from Nagpur, Maharashtra.

In the year 2017 Shri. Bansod incorporated Fortune Aquaculture Private Limited for upscaling the proprietary business into a professionally run corporate enterprise. Since then we address both these entities collectively as ‘Fortune Aqua’.


We are on a mission to accelerate the growth of fisheries industry output by incorporating advanced technologies and targeting the export market by increasing local investment and foreign direct investment. With integrity and transparency, we are aiming towards the development of a rational and sustainable aquaculture industry.

At Fortune Aqua, we envision a future with healthy aquatic ecosystems and cultivating deep relationships with local fishermen, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to implement concrete solutions to system level problems in globally recognized fisheries.


To become an internationally recognized and one of the People Trusted Company for the sustainable growth of the fisheries industry and meet the global demand for Aquatic Food for healthier people and planet. Our objective is to achieve economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable fisheries that contribute towards a better living standard.

Who we are?

We are the only company in Central India to operate a state-of-the-art hatchery spread across 37-acre, supplying a variety of fish spawns and hatchlings to Government bodies, Fish Farm Co-operative Societies, Department of Fisheries and in the open market.

Our motto is Fish for Health, Fish for Wealth”. Shri. Bansod has the vision to take what started as a modest beginning, to a mammoth opportunity in the aquaculture industry, by exploring the verticals like – fish processing units, cold storage facilities, Fish-food mills, equipment supply and manufacturing, research and training.

Fortune Fisheries gradually became the pioneer to start ‘Cage Culture’ in freshwater reservoirs in central India. At present we provide adequate training, technology, fish food and seed (Fish hatchlings of cultivable size) to the local fishermen and in turn procure their produce at a fair price. Fortune Fisheries has a well-trained and highly educated team in the field of Fisheries.

Our Strategic Goals
  • To achieve 30,000 metric ton fish, produce by FYE 2021-22 and 100,000 metric tons by FYE of 2023-24.
  • To increase our active cages under operations to 10,000 by FYE 2023-24.
  • To set up a 35 Metric Ton per day capacity Fish Food Mill by FYE 2021-22.
  • To set up a 5 Metric Ton per day capacity Fish processing unit by FYE 2021-22.
  • To identify and tie up with an export house for exploring possibilities for processed fish export.
  • To successfully introduce prawn’s cultivation in Cage Culture, for which our research is ongoing at our Itiadoh Hatchery Research Center.
  • Our main objective is to bring a paradigm shift in aquaculture by providing novel solutions and developing technological and biological solutions to excel with the culture of fish farming. 
  • We are extensively dependent on a strong and persistent research and development effort to maintain sustainability, preserve ecology and bio diversity and ensure fish mortality. 
  • Fortune Aqua highly focuses on bringing employment opportunities for rural areas by providing adequate training and welfare. Our experts are working incessantly to introduce advanced fish farming technology, and to increase the per hectare production of fish.
  • We thrive to become a One-stop solution for Aquaculture Industry and producing enough food to satisfy the need of humans. 
  • Huge water bodies are available with Fortune Fisheries holding 40,000+ hectare which includes 4 reservoirs and 96 water bodies.
  • We have a state-of-the-art hatchery and research facility spread across 37 acres, with a current capacity to breed and produce 25 Crore hatchlings per breeding cycle.
  • All water bodies are located in strategically feasible locations in Central India and have moderate temperatures throughout the year which is very suitable for fish farming.
  • Well-trained and highly experienced team in the field of Fisheries.

We have already established our self as a major player in ‘Cage Culture’ farming in Central India. We have a unique model of the fish hatchery and presently we are sapling the varieties of fish seed and also supplying it to the respective department of fisheries.

We have 10,662 hectares of water spread area under our control where we have currently installed 2,000 cages out of which 1,102 are active and we can scale it up to 37,200 cages. The current installation has the capacity to give a yearly output of 11,000 Metric Ton Fish that form two crop cycles. If we use our full capacity, we will be able to produce 3, 72,000 Metric Ton of Fish using our existing water resource.

Following is the breakup of our current open reservoir water resources-
Active Cages
Area under lease control (in hectare)
Maximum Cages Capacity
Expected Output per year in Metric Ton
Expected Sale Turnover in Cr. (INR)
Itiadoh 208 4862 16800 2080 20.80
Pench 750 1900 6720 7500 75.00
Pujaritola 96 1800 6480 960 9.60
Asolamendha 48 2100 7200 480 4.80
All Reservoirs 1,102 10,662 37,200 11,020 110.20
Hectares of Area Under Lease Control
Max Cages Capacity
Metric Tonnes of Expected Output

Aquaculture has significant potential in helping provide a healthy and sustainable protein source for future populations. According to Market Report, the aquaculture market is projected to grow from USD 30.1 billion in 2018 to USD 42.6 billion by 2023, recording a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period.

Production of Aqua products 
  • Owing to the growing demand for aqua products for their protein-rich content, small-scale farming is adopted by developing regions such as Asia Pacific, South America, and Africa. 
  • Furthermore, the governments of these countries are taking various initiatives to support aqua farming in these regions, as it is one of the major sources of employment.
  • However, the advancements in technology such as water recirculation systems, along with the global rise in food demand, is providing promising growth opportunities for the marine aquaculture system.

Looking towards future opportunities, our group of forward-thinkers have addressed the challenges to bring potential change into the Aqua industry. 

Fortune Aqua is contributing significantly in accelerating the speed and scale of progress by collaborating and partnering with NFDB (National Fisheries Development Board), MPEDA (Marine Products Export Development Authority), CMFRI (Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute) and MFDC (Maharashtra Fisheries Development Corporation). We are also setting up a Training and Research Institute at Bhandra District to teach the fundamentals and give momentum to our business and society at large. 


Nothing drives on its own. There are people, their commitments, and their dreams which drive everything. Fortune Aqua is really fortunate to be driven by our well-trained and highly experienced team under the guidance and vision of our promoter Shri. Bansod. We have a very strong & intellectual team, and through them, the company has achieved such a supernormal height.

Shri. Rajesh Tarachand Bansod
The Founder. Entrepreneur. Promoter

Shri. Rajesh Bansod is a stellar vault of talent, confidence and faith who has shaped the fisheries industry with his incredible business acumen. Born in small town near Bhandara District of Maharashtra, he always wanted to accomplish something extra ordinary and that’s how with undying perseverance, he became the promoter of the Multi-Million Business Empire. No doubt, that his journey is as fascinating as a scripted film.

Mr. Pravin Prakash Salvi
Key Management Person

Mr. Salvi has been associated with Fortune Aqua since February 2020. Mr. Salvi has rich and extensive experience of more than 22 years in the field of Finance, Marketing, and IT sectors. He has in-depth knowledge and a strong understanding of various intricacies of Corporate Finance and Business Management.




The cage culture projects requires less investment and its installation is easy.


The cage culture projects requires less investment and its installation is easy.


Since it covers only a fraction of the waterbody, the ecological impact is almost nil.


It is economical and safe as compared to other techniques.


Prevents loss of fish due to flooding, seepage, and evaporation.


Puts minimum stress on land and water resources.


India has 7517 km of marine cost line, 3287 fishing villages, and 1914 traditional fish landing centers.

India’s water and natural resources offer tremendous growth potential in aquaculture.

Cage Culture has a wider scope in fish production, including fish exports.

With the right technology, cage culture can improve its productivity to the next best level.

Sustainable Contribution


Fortune Aqua aims at sustainable contribution in doubling of food production, and improving the welfare of fishermen.


Promoting exports, and providing food and livelihood security to its rural population.


Emerging rapidly as an expanding industry to offer large scale business opportunities.


Been supported by the Central Government via Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana
(PMMSY) announced in Union Budget 2020.

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